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Summerview 2009 Workshops

All ages welcome, children and adults!
 (under 10 accompanied by an adult )

All workshops held at Art in the Loft, Workshop cost $12 or 5 for $50

Tuesday 6-8p.m. & Thursday 1-3p.m.


July 2009

  • July 7 & 9 - “Pastel”

Instructor: Barry Forintos
These chalk colors are a fun and forgiving medium for all ages.  Learn the techniques that could provide you with
 “soft colors and distinct detail”.

  • July 14 & 16 – “Mobiles”

Instructor: Barry Forintos
Using the ideas behind many of Alexander Calder’s works, you will have the opportunity to create what some people refer to as  drawings in space.

  • July 21 & 23 – “Mask Making”                                  

Instructor:  Barry Forintos
Masks have been an important part of many cultures around the world  throughout history. Now you can make a decorative wall mask of your own.  Use a multitude of objects to create a mask  that makes a statement about you.

  • July 28 & 30 – “Weaving”  

Instructor:  Barry Forintos
This class demonstrates ways to make simple weavings that are colorful and unique to each artist.  Use yarn, material strips, and other objects to create original wall hangings.

August 2009

  • August 4 & 6 – "Printing”  

Instructor:  Barry Forintos
Use everyday  objects to  create print plates that can be used  repeatedly to create cards and pictures in numerous colors and styles.

  • August 11 & 13 – “Abstract Sculpture”  

Instructor:  Barry Forintos
Create a sculpture similar to Louise Nevelson’s “Night Landscape” by using a variety of found objects such as wood pieces, wire, cardboard and more.

  • August 18 & 20 – “Zoom In Flower Painting”

Enjoy the style of artist Georgia O'Keefe while working to create a detailed composition with bright, clear colors.

For more information on any of these events please contact Art in the Loft at 989-356-4877